Never let go of your dreams

Recently I was talking to a friend and she mentioned that it was time to forget about a dream that she hoped to fulfill. Fulfilling this dream she felt was not going to be attainable. At first I was like “yeah I do not see that happening for you”. I know that sounds bad but it was my immediate thought.

I hate to be vague about what she wants to do but I hope that one day I will be writing a follow up to celebrate her accomplishment. The thing is that sometimes we will talk not only ourselves out of things we hope to do and we will sometimes talk those we care about out of things they want to do. While talking to my friend about her dream I asked her what she had done to make things happen. She admitted that there was so much that she had not done. 

Dreams are what keep many of us hopeful. Getting older we realize that certain things we hoped to do may be less attainable. Sometimes the hope lost in a dream is because we just can not do it. Other times it is because we have not and will not put the work in to get it done. 

For me it tends to be more of not putting the work in that has gotten in my way. It is hard to admit that at times but that is reality.Doing an inventory of what you have or have not done is not bad, it is needed. This will help with accountability and a reset. 

Whatever dreams you have, do an inventory of them and get to work. Definitely sounds easier said than done and yep it is easier said than done. But so what, get to work your dreams are waiting on you.

PS- I wrote this a few weeks back but got side tracked and did not hit publish. This message is as much for me as it is to encourage you all. The funny thing is today I hit play on a podcast this morning and the topic was about how women put dreams on hold. Too often it is due to always being in care taker mode. Let’s work on balance between care taking and working on the things we want.

We got this!

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