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Hey There!

I hate to load your inbox with something new 🙂 but… I am doing just that. Y’all know writing/blogging is something I enjoy. I still have the intentions to keep My Haute Talk active for a long time but the reality of it is when blogging there is a ton of behind the scenes work, techy stuff and time consuming stuff.

So with a push from some writing friends I am giving substack a try. This will allow me to write something and publish it and send it to your inboxes without me having to stress over the techy part. It has taken me a while (too long) to come to the realization that with my schedule right now I just do not have the time it takes to manage the blog and tech stuff right now. I hate that because I have so much I want to do on the blog but it will have to wait a bit. What can not wait longer is me working on becoming a better writer. I am grateful for my writing network for the encouragement and helping me to realize that the “getting it just right” and waiting too long to get to writing on my blog could no longer be a choice.

So here we go you will get some emails from me. You will need to hit subscribe. I appreciate you following this journey of mine. Just hitting publish on this email is hard but also freeing beause I have no techy stuff to do. Big sigh of relief 🙂

Thank you again and I will be sure to let you know when you should stop by to check out some posts. In the meantime be subscribe and make sure I do not land in your spam folder.



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