Make Time For Fun In The Midst Of The Chaos

The other day I was listening to a podcast and they were discussing the importance of making time for fun and rest. When I heard the first few opening words I was kind of like “hmmm this will be interesting”. Don’t get me wrong I am all for fun. I try to make as much time for fun and rest as I can. However sometimes when someone else is telling me ” Make Time For Fun”. I can not help but think, “Do you want to take a look at my calendar and schedule it for me.”

Honestly I was kind of prepared to not really tune in 100% and then the host explained they were going to discuss:

  • Why fun feels far away
  • How to make time and schedule fun
  • How Sabbath can lead to healthy fun.(Don’t let the word sabbath scare you, I don’t plan on starting an alter call).

After the craziness of the last year it seems many of us struggle with making time for fun. Having yours and almost everyone you know lives get flipped upside down all at once has been heavy at times. Why do we feel guilty for having fun? Even in pre-pandemic times many of us struggled with the balance of fun and our daily duties.

We need to have more fun daily. Fun can help reduce stress. Laughter is fun. For me lately I scroll tiktok and I crack up a few times a week (if you have not taken some time to scroll tiktok you need to do so today). Getting outside to excercise a bit can be fun as well. Find what brings fun to you and do it.Time for fun is needed and refreshing.

What are some things that you like to do for fun? How often are you making time for fun?

Oops I almost forgot to let you know what podcast I was listening to. The podcast is called “We Are Going There” be sure to check it out.

20 thoughts on “Make Time For Fun In The Midst Of The Chaos

  1. Big wow! I really needed to hear this today. It’s been so often I forget to slow down and stay in touch with the things that make me feel good.

  2. I try to make fun a daily part of my life. If I’m not having fun, what am I even working for?

  3. Sometimes its hard to remember to take care of yourself and keep things fun- appreciate the perspective.

  4. yes it is important o take your time out of the day, like 10 mins to reflect on your action and yourself. stay relax is also good for the soul

  5. It’s so important to remember to find the joy in life. It’s way too easy to lose yourself in your job and responsibilities and forget to live.

  6. I love this post. So many of us end up forgetting that life is about joy, and all we do is focus on the stress and negatives in our lives.

  7. Nice blog. Thanks for the reminder to “chill out”. Keep it up.

  8. I think we can still have fun but safely. I need more time for fun!

  9. Taking regular time out is very important.

  10. Fun for me is being able to sing 5 songs in my karaoke for a day. Thanks for reminding

  11. Making time for fun is important so we can lessen the stress. I make time for fun by playing video games with my kids.

  12. Life is a gift, it is temporal, so we should never take our daily routines too seriously. Every one of us is unique and different, our fun things are also distinct, and I agree with you that they must be in our lives.

  13. Oh yes, I can definitely agree. Fun time is incredibly important, and we really shouldnt be neglecting life by making all these stressful things get to us

  14. It is super important to set asaide fun time apart from work. I couldnt agree more with your post.

  15. I agree. We need to instill fun and optimism during these challenging times. I hope the pandemic will be over soon. Can’t wait!

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