Doing The Best We Can

In March when COVID-19 sent people home I thought it would just be a few weeks of staying home. Here we are in August and for many folks things have not gone back to the way we are used to.Honestly this entire situation with COVID has overwhelming moments. Many of us are doing the best we can with all of this.

For many families the biggest obstacle right now is in regard to how the upcoming school year will be. How will parents manage work and online learning. Others are wondering how bills we be paid since they have been laid off. The level of uncertainty can be overwhelming. Sadly I do not think we will have many answers for a very long time.

Depending on where you live things can change daily.The best reminder right about now is that the only thing that will be consistent is change. Most folks have had a tough time with all that’s happening. Having a tough time is okay, we gotta keep going and do the best we can. If you feel overwhelmed please give yourself some grace.

Keep doing the best you can each minute, each hour, each day. Be patient with yourself and with others.If you need to take a moment for yourself please do so. If you feel overwhelmed to a point where it is affecting your daily routines please reach out to someone for help. Remember it is fine to ask for help and let people know how you are feeling. We have all had moments of being overwhelmed with all that’s going on.

Take time to relax, know that it is okay to be be doing the best we can for the moment.Hopefully soon we will be back to how we are used to things being.

How have you been doing with the changes COVID has brought into your life.

17 thoughts on “Doing The Best We Can

  1. We’ve been staying indoors and really focusing on family. We’ve been enjoying being together and taking that as a huge positive from the entire experience.

  2. We live in the New York area, so it’s been particularly taxing. It was THE hot spot for COVID for a while, so that was scary. We’ve just been avoiding going out and trying to enjoy being together as a family.

  3. COVID really made a big change in the lives of everyone. I wish this would be over soon so that we can all go back to the way things were.

  4. Covid has not been that bad to me , yes we have boundation but then we are blessed to be still healthy and have food , water and shelter!

  5. Nice nice nice! It’s indeed that this covid19 has negative and positive outcome. But the thing is, we had the time to spend more time with our family.

  6. I remember my husband just kept saying every week, โ€œIt cant possibly go past (this dateโ€. Like you said, here we are in August and still pretty much the same. Thanks for the reminder that itโ€™s ok to not be ok right now.

  7. I think the positive side of COVID-19 pandemic is that we get to spend more time with our families. We also realized that savings, insurance and love for our family are also important.

  8. This pandemic is very tough for all of us but we need to be keep going to fight. My positive side for this pandemic is you can see a lot of people doing humanity.

  9. I am generally a very balanced person, but the life that has emerged from Covid is very difficult. There has been more harm done through avoiding it than the virus itself. Jobs lost, the economy destroyed, abuse levels have skyrocketed with little opportunity for those abused to escape their situation, mental health units are beyond capacity, and the suicide rate is expected to have risen sharply once the numbers are published. While my direct family is weathering the storm pretty well, the world at large and as a community is not. :'(

  10. it’s def changed things. we had to change so many plans latly that’s for sure. my work like has been a lot harder as well.

  11. We really are just doing the best we can… holding on to the hope that one day this will all be over and we can return to a more normal way of life. I keep telling my adult children to take note, we are living in a very historical time that will for sure be one for the books… the great 2020 pandemic is sure to be a jeopardy question for generations to come… “The pandemic of 2020 cleared the shelves of this everyday household product as people panicked they would run out” What is toilet paper, Alex? Hang in there, we’re going to make it.

  12. Everything about life is so different. Allowing myself some grace has been helpful because so much about life is different.

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