Women Making Her-Story Meet Maisha: Homeschooling Mommy Mogul, Blogger and Black Business Builder.

I am excited to introduce you all to Maisha Rush. She is another woman making her-story. Maisha owns a consulting firm, she blogs and home-schools her children. As you can see her plate is full but she is always ready and willing to help others achieve their goals. Here is my chat with Maisha:

What was your motivation to go into business for yourself:

My motivation was (is) the desire to help black people succeed in business.

Maisha Rush a woman who is making her-story standing on sidewalk in front of trees
Maisha Rush

What obstacles do you see that most black business owners face when
starting out:

Usually the biggest obstacle I notice is the lack of knowing where to start. Sometimes even when knowledge is given, it is the lack of discipline to stay the direct course on building their brand. Most times
people want to do the easy stuff like logo, website, social media posting. However without the business fundamentals, automation’s, and processes their businesses don’t go much further than a great idea;
meaning they never see significant revenue.

Is your consulting firm your full-time job or do you also work an additional job:

It is my full-time job.

What is the most rewarding aspect of working for yourself/owning a consulting firm:

Time. I get to choose what and when I dedicate my time to.

 How do you stay motivated:

What motivates me now is breaking the family curse of “just making it” and knowing my children will do more than me.

What is some of the research you did prior to starting your business:

I am a numbers person. I researched statistics on the Black American population vs Black American wealth. The numbers are astounding and that moved me to study those who are and did make it and to pass that knowledge on.

 What advice would you give a mom who is planning to start her own business:

You have to have passion and audacity. Without passion, you will grow to hate what you do. Without audacity, you will fail. You cannot be afraid to GO. Add a plan to that and you will be unstoppable.

When a client reaches out to you for a consulting request what is the first thing you do to assure them your firm is right for them:

I am always open and honest with what we can and cannot do. I am an open book and you can pretty much google any aspect of my life. People choose me because I can relate to them and they can trust me. I aim to always be this way.

Do you have a mentor:

Yes. I have a millionaire mentor. He has been my mentor since 2009.

Can you elaborate a bit more on what your mentor has helped you with:

The main thing my mentor helps me with is staying focused on the upward
trajectory not the right now circumstances. Business is about growth. If
you aren’t growing you just have a hobby.

Being self-employed how many hours per week do you spend working on your business:

About 2 hours a day. On random ideas and ah-ha moments about 4 hours a day.

Do you enjoy being a business owner:

Absolutely. I don’t know what took me so long.

How do you go about networking to get your business out there and recognized:

I am sure to speak at least once a month and I make it my business to show my face at events at least twice a month.

 How do you find events to to attend to keep your name out there:

I keep an eye out for getting in circles I am not currently apart of.
Dare I say, more prosperous circles. I always aim NOT to be the smartest
person in the room. I am always looking to take.my knowledge up a notch.
Its beneficial for me and my clients.

 How’d you come to the decision to home school:

My children were not being challenged in their curriculum. In addition I did not agree with the way they were being taught as they struggled to “catch on” to things like common core math. Also, as black children, I felt it was imperative that they learned who they are along with their capabilities. Our curriculum is based on how they learn and what interests them.

Can we get a glimpse into your home-school schedule:

Our schedule is pretty flexible since we have 10 (soon to be 11)
children. Some of the children like to do their assignments in the
morning, some in the evening laying in bed. We do a good bit of
un-schooling which allows us to be flexible.

The 10 Rush Siblings standing outside on stairs
Rush Siblings

Maisha is indeed busy making her-story. The passion and drive she has towards her family, goals and business is refreshing. If you’re looking to expand your business and need some guidance definitely reach out to Maisha for some resources. As she said business is about growth and to reach that growth it takes hard work and resources. I can’t wait to do a follow up with Maisha about her home schooling. In the meantime you can find this woman making her-story on Twitter at @Rush_Consulting or Facebook .

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    1. Yes! I have had my mentor since the beginning and I wouldn’t have made it this far mentally without one.

  3. Staying strong and motivated can be a full time job, but you are going a great job girl! You are an inspiration!

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