Women Making Her-Story, Meet Bri: Podcast Host, Author, and Entrepreneur

If you know me then you know that I am always looking for a good podcast to tune into. As I have mentioned before I like all sorts of podcasts. Sports, entertainment, inspirational, funny the list goes on and on. I especially like to start my day off with a podcast that is inspiring.

A few months ago I found a podcast on social media and I hit subscribe but didn’t have a chance to listen to right away. What caught my attention was the name of the podcast “Brunch With Bri” I mean who doesn’t like brunch. When I hit play I was happy to hear such an upbeat voice that was genuine. She was not trying to be overly enthusiastic and it was just like chatting it up with friends over brunch.

Brunch With Bri is a podcast that is always dropping gems of knowledge and motivation. So when I decided to do this series on “Women Making Her-Story” I knew Bri was someone I wanted to chat with. I hope you enjoy our chat and be sure to check out the Brunch With Bri Podcast.

Brunch With Bri Podcast Logo

How long have you been podcasting:

The Podcast launched not too long ago, in May of 2019. I come from the radio world before I even began podcasting. Hosting and producing my morning radio show on iWorship 96 FM (The Bri Lee Radio Show), has given me the confidence that I could even podcast. Radio really prepared and groomed me to be comfortable in front of the mic, although podcasting has a very different format.

How did you come up with the name of your podcast:

When God first gave me the idea to start a podcast, it was like ‘Podcast…but make it Personal’– 

That meant my name had to be included in the title somewhere, but I wanted something with some “bop in it.” I went the alliteration route, playing off the letter ‘B’ in my name. After a few tries, I thought about where I have had the most amazing conversations about anything and that was during brunch with my girls! And there it was…Brunch with Bri – The Podcast was born.

What is your vision for your podcast now and what was the vision when you started:

In my best Keke Palmer voice, I hate to sound ridiculous but when I first started Brunch with Bri, I did not have a clear vision. I knew I wanted it to be a space to share freely experiences and thoughts on life with other women who would listen. This is why I came out the gate telling alllllll of my business from being a creative to parenting and relationships. I had no clear direction on where I wanted it to go. At first, the podcast was more of a “free” space for me creatively, different from anything I have done in the past. I needed that.

During season one, I came out the gate challenging myself and just “figuring it out.” Listening to some of the first episodes, I think it shows! Haha! 

Brunch with Bri, slowly organically developed into what it is today. I felt it on my heart to be an intentional platform to empower women in being their multidimensional selves. Now, at 27, I am unapologetically operating in my full multidimensional self (took me a while), which is why I enjoy being an entrepreneur so much. It is where I can be who I am called to be. Naturally, the podcast followed that and now with a clear vision, it is a personal development and entrepreneurship podcast for women seeking to walk in their purpose through business. 

That is my passion. To empower other women to be who they are created to be and to help them get there. The podcast and now blog (brunchwithbri.com) encompasses this mission and I am glad it has the impact it does on the women I’ve met who listen.  

 What have you done to make sure  that vision comes to fruition:

Phew! Girl, first and foremost prayer, because the strength has to come from somewhere. Planning is also a big part of making sure the vision comes to fruition. Writing the vision down helps me to stay on track; Not just writing the goal but writing actionable steps that need to be taken to get there. Writing the vision, also helps you stay the course when life throws things at you. 

How did you come up with this years theme especially “breaking generational curses”:

Season Two of the podcast I had much more direction and began interviewing amazing entrepreneurs in the marketplace, sharing their stories, different backgrounds, industries, expertise etc. When planning Season 3, I knew to get women to the place in their business similar to the women they have heard thus far, we would have to go even further back and really teach where to start from the beginning. This is why season three, of Brunch with Bri – The Podcast is entitled the “Biz & Basics” series.

On the business side we learn how to write business plans from scratch, the difference between types of business entities, how to build multiple streams of income within your business and scale etc.

What I have noticed in my own experience, that while much of business ownership is about the numbers, and paperwork, and marketing, a lot of that will fail if we don’t have a strong foundation within ourselves. 

On the personal development side, we are really digging deep within ourselves, discovering why we want to be business owners in the first place, what that means to us, how that is impacting our families. A lot of us are entrepreneurs to build a legacy for the future and to undo what we know from the past and break chains, cycles and generational curses of lack.

We are really not coming to play in Season 3. 

I love that you include your faith in the podcast can you tell me how much your faith means to you:

My faith in God means everything to me. Apart from Him, I can do nothing. I mean God has really gotten me through some things and discovering my purpose through Him is the number one reason why I do what I do.

What advice would you give a new entrepreneur/a new podcaster:

To the budding entrepreneur, I would say, do not measure your “success” in comparison to someone else’s. Comparison is a dangerous game. Don’t worry if someone else is doing the same thing you are. Definitely do not measure your “success” in comparison to others. Pace yourself and celebrate your achievements at every stage. 

For a new podcaster, find out what works for you. Worry less about numbers and more about good content. Before anything else, podcasting should be something you enjoy, and then you can build around that.

What are you most proud of when it comes to your podcast.

When it comes to Brunch with Bri, I am most proud of the women in the community. The women we hear back from are really out here living their best lives, making their dreams come true and overcoming personal obstacles while doing it! It makes me emotional every time a woman tells me her story and how they’ve been inspired by an episode or a show topic really resonated with them. I love the Brunch besties and the community that has been built through this platform. God is good! 

What are your top 3 favorite shows you have done over the last 2 seasons:

This is a tough question! I am not sure I can even answer that. My most vulnerable moments might have to be my favorite because it is where I pushed myself the most. I share some really personal things and yes…I have cried on the mic. A few of those episodes happen during season one on episodes entitled ‘Father Figures’ and the ‘You are Not The Father’ parts I and II. These are where I share my relationship, something I have never spoken about publicly until then.

If you could interview a famous person who would it  be and why :

Thats funny! I have been around media most of my life and “celebrity” is a weird concept, but to choose someone who is very well known, I would love to interview Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts! I love her work, her transparency, how she has stepped into her calling and are helping women walk into theirs as well.

On top of that she is killing the game as a business women and has allllllll the fashions! In my head we are best friends, that just kick it all the time! 

A woman making her-story Bri-Host of Brunch With Bri Podcast
Bri- Host of Brunch With Bri Podcast

As you can see Bri is indeed a woman making Her-Story! I love that she mentioned not measuring your successes based on what others are doing. We must follow our paths and journeys. Sometimes we get caught up in all the noise and forget to do just that.

Wishing you continued success Bri.

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