My Word For The New Year

As I mentioned a few weeks back I like to pick a word or words for the upcoming year. This helps me stay focused on certain goals throughout the year. I have spent the last few weeks thinking about my word for 2020 and I really have had a hard time coming up with something…

When picking my word for the New Year my process is very simple. I journal about what my upcoming goals will be, I pray about those goals and a word that will impact and keep me focused on those goals.

For some reason this time around when my word for 2020 kept popping up I kept trying to push the word away because to me it makes no sense. Yes that is the stubbornness in me. I have written this word down, looked up its definition and analyzed it. I was almost at the point of just waiting a few more weeks to pick a word because surely something better will come along, right?

Yesterday morning while checking Facebook I had a notification that my friend Laura had replied to something I had commented on. In her reply she included the word I have been wrestling with. UGH! I was so aggravated (just kidding). I texted her and let her know how this word has annoyed me. Her including it in her response was like a sign that this is to be my word for the upcoming year.

Even though I am still struggling with it my word for 2020 is “Intentional”. The dictionary definition of intentional is: done on purpose; deliberate; not accidental; premeditated. Now do you see why I have struggled with this word.

Seriously though I think I am always intentional (don’t we all). However the more I have thought about it there are some areas of my life where I need to be more intentional and slow down a bit. My words for 2018 were renew and focus. Those words helped me as I planned my move from west to south in 2018. Embrace, joy and peace and those words helped me all of 2019 as I really got to experience and enjoy my new home in South Carolina.

I am not sure where “intentional” will lead just yet. I look forward to looking back about a year from now and seeing how “intentional” has impacted my goals and life for 2020.

word for 2020

Happy New Year!

28 thoughts on “My Word For The New Year

  1. Intentional is a nice word. It will probably keep reminding you to take well thought out decisions. I like this concept of choosing a word for the year.

  2. Intentional is a great word! I struggled with mine and finally decided to not pick one. Then someone gave away a prize for people that has words-that promoted me to pick one lol. I landed on magnitude ?

  3. Couldn’t agree more! Started focusing on this practice in 2019, and saw a huge shift! Definitely continuing in 2020. Good luck to you on your journey with it!

  4. Wow! I think I should also think of a word for 2020. Maybe “opportunity” for me? Only time can tell.

  5. Huh, I never thought of setting a word for the year. Sounds like a good idea! I personally like the idea behind ‘intentional’. Are you familiar with the term raison d’etre? It reminds me of that, except this one is about doing rather than being.

  6. Great read! My word for this year is simplify

  7. I love that word! My word for this year is courage. Courage to do more, be a better person and grow in business!

  8. Happy New Year! That is a great word. I wish I had thought of it. It always takes me a LONG time to come up with these words actually. I have not got mine yet for this year.

  9. Happy New Year! Intentional is a great word. Mine for this year is simplicity.

  10. I started with this Word For the Year in 2018 (upon the prodding of a good friend). My word then was “Be.” I wanted to Be… (add a positive adjective). My first blog post in the following year, 2019, was entitled, “Yes, I was” as a response to events and actions for my 2018 Word for the Year. However, because of family matters, I was not able to pick a new Word for the Year for 2019 and for this year too. I will still try and think of something before this month is over.

  11. A rich in vocabulary is quickest route to competence.I like to think of the mind as a garden. Each new word begins life as a seed. It needs to take root, and will die without attention early on. In this way, expanding your vocabulary is a long-term activity that depends on good habits and sensible practice. I struggle with my my vocabulary as well, sometime run out of words, what’s important is we learn.

    all the best for 2020!

  12. I could slow down and e more intentional too. Have a wonderful new year.

  13. That’s a fantastic idea, intentionally picking a word for each year! I think 2020 is a good time for a new beginning!

  14. It is a nice word. It will keep reminding you to think and work practically that you have chosen intentionally as per my thinking. Whisking you success in this New Year! 2020.

  15. That’s a good word! Hopefully you’ll find a way to make it work for you and it will be a great 2020 for you! I love the idea of picking a word for the year.

  16. Sounds fantastic for this year, learning new words and applying them in our every day lives. It’s not only about learning vocabularies, but improving our habits and actions as well.

  17. What a fine idea of picking a word for each upcoming year! I’m going to pick one for myself. 🙂

  18. Actually, Intentional is such a powerful word. Love it. Very fitting for a new year! Maybe it will force us to do more or less in life deliberately. Be intentional with your goals, habits, etc.

  19. I never knew that a word of the year was a thing until just recently. It sounds like you have a great word picked out for yourself this year.

  20. Intentional is a nice word. I like this idea of choosing a word for the year.

  21. I love the word INTENTIONAL…great pick! An important reminder as to where our hearts and minds are at in various situations. Wishing you great success! 🙂

  22. Intentional is a great word because it is just what we all need to be more of on this planet. Here’s to more intentional living in 2020

  23. I really like this idea! Being intentional is living a life that reflects that can be challenging yet reward. I hope your 2020 is amazing!

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