Holiday Cheer For YOU!

Forty is the number of days we have until Christmas is here. That seems like craziness. Wasn’t it just summer time? Heck did we even have fall. Holiday season is basically here. Many of us spend lots of time finding gifts for others during this time of year and yes that is what we are to do. I also think during this time of year that it is important to bring some Holiday Cheer to yourself as well.

Here are some of my favorite things that I have picked up for myself over the last few months that will bring you some holiday cheer:

Mascara. I am not into makeup at all but I saw a friend who’s lashes were looking fantastic and I asked her about it. She sent me in the direction of ILIA Beauty’s Instagram page and I gave it a try. This mascara does NOT irritate my eyes at all. My lashes are not crusty or crunchy at the end of the day. It is lightweight and the folks who are into makeup that I know love the brush.

Journal. A good journal is a MUST. The best thing about journals is that you can find nice journals at a variety of places. The Dollar Store ,Target, Walmart, Barnes & Nobles, Etsy, Amazon etc. Journals are great for keeping thoughts, writing your goals, or just doodling in.

Books. A good read is my favorite. This past year I focused on reading more books. My latest faves are Sarah Bessey’s “Miralces And Other Reasonable Things” and Latasha Morrison’s “Be The Bridge”. These books cover two things I am passionate about a relationship with Jesus and Racial Reconciliation. If you are looking for a good read check them out.

Chapstick & Moisturizers. Last and certainly not least For Beauty’s Sake natural skin care products.  A good lip moisturizer and face products are things I think we need to have. I am a chapstick/lip moisturizer addict. I can not stand ashy or dry lips. These lip moisturizers have kept me right here in this Carolina climate. These products are organic/vegan made from natural materials. FBS has candles, aroma therapy, facial products and more. Be sure to check FBS out and add some goodies to your cart.


What are some of your favorite things that you have picked up recently?

19 thoughts on “Holiday Cheer For YOU!

  1. I stay stocked with moisturizers and chapsticks during the holiday season especially coco butter scented body oil! ? Great post btw! ?

  2. I love this idea, giving ourselves some holiday cheer with a gift for ourselves! I recently bought myself a sleep mask and a hugging pillow, both of which have helped me get to sleep more easily. I’m loving them both!

  3. Chapstick & Moisturizers are so important! It’s a good holiday gift for female friends and colleagues. I need to get some for my friends!

  4. Loving the sound of the chapstick, I have a gazillion of them around my house and in pockets of coats:) it really is a must-have in the winter. Gifting ourselves is important – and let’s face it – this wat we are happy with the gift for sure:) thank you for sharing these.

  5. I love how companies like Burt’s Bees put out beautiful gift packages around the holidays. I often will purchase them as a gift for myself as my family doesn’t exchange gifts anymore.

  6. All very cool things! Something I haven’t picked up recently but will be picking up during black friday is a new computer! My current one is almost 10 years old! lol ๐Ÿ™‚ So excited for a new one.

  7. I like this idea of cheer for ourselves! I have become more focused on chapsticks since my daughter became a teenager. Her lips get chapped a lot so we have lots of chapstick tubes and tins everywhere!

  8. I really like getting recommendations about products like these, especially around the holidays. I am planning on starting my gift giving list pretty soon.

  9. great choices. i always love a good mascara. you also never know when you need a good chapstick so i always keep that on hand in my purse.

  10. I have picked up a few feel good books recently that I can’t wait to read! I have a journal too but feel like I fit so much in to my day I can’t manage to journal too! D: x

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