No Matter the Distance our Friendship is strong


I have heard some folks say “True friendships are hard to find” and I understand why some may feel that way. I am thankful for my twenty plus year friendship with my BFF Jennifer. We have withstood laughter, exciting life changes, happy moments, heartache, pain, disappointments, births, deaths and the latest challenge of living thousands of miles apart.

When I told Jennifer, I was moving from California to South Carolina she and I both sobbed, laughed and hugged each other over and over. There are times when I think of the moment, I told her the move was for sure and I still get emotional, you see I am horrible with timing. So, as Jen stood in her kitchen at her fourth of July gathering showing me that you can make spaghetti in an instapot (she’s the cook in the relationship) I just blurted it out. The rest of that evening is a blur but what has always been clear is that I can rely on Jen for anything.  

What this move has taught me regarding friendships is that distance is tough but the bonds you have are stronger than that distance.  I am thankful for Jen and all of my California friends who are always checking in on me and my family, sharing special moments via facetime, keeping me in the loop on all that is going on even if that means texting me in the wee hours of the morning (this dang time difference).


I am forever grateful for my lifelong friendships and the new friendships I have made here in the Carolina’s. Each of you have made my first year in a new state manageable.  Today take a few moments and let your friends know how much they mean to you.

When I moved Jen gave me a necklace that I have kept tucked away, I have decided that today (her birthday) is the day I start to wear this necklace because our friendship is truly “One in a Million”.

“If one knows that she is not alone she is EMPOWERED.” – Dr. Maya Angelou

PS-The instapot spaghetti was yummy.

14 thoughts on “No Matter the Distance our Friendship is strong

  1. What a positive story. I moved almost 2 years ago and distance has made my strong friendships stronger. Love my soul sister’s.

  2. I’m so proud of you for following your dreams and making this happen. You are an inspiration to everyone and I’m grateful that you are not only my friend, but a special friend to my daughters. Love you Hoover. I’ll have a box of goodies in the mail soon.

    1. I love this article! It holds so much truth on how friendships change as you become adults!!! ??

      1. Yes indeed. I’m
        grateful for you and our friendship. You’ve made this move to the Carolinas easier for me. #calmaf

    2. I love you! I’m
      thankful that we met on that cheer field and my friendship with you and your girls has stayed strong.

  3. I love this story, and the beauty of good, solid friendships. We all need those friends in our lives.

  4. Checking in and upkeep of communication are the vital life’s blood of any reltionship. thank you for sharing your experience. Very inspiring!

  5. Moving can be tough! So wonderful that you have such great friends that will stay in touch ??

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