Goodbye Resolutions, Hello Goals

As 2017 is coming to the end and 2018 is fast approaching. I am sure many of us are thinking about those “New Year’s Resolutions”. I do not know why but just typing those words makes me tense up. 

I haven’t set any New Year’s Resolutions for the last 4 years and let me explain why. The main reason is because “Life Happens”. Real life happens life gets busy, kids are always busy, moms are always trying to balance it all and sadly sometimes we have major life changing events like losing a loved one.

     My process: On Saturday or Sunday morning I’ll make a list of goals for the week these are things that will 1) make my week easier 2) breaking up a bigger goal into smaller pieces 3) make me feel good about me. I either write these in my journal or put them on my phones notepad. As I complete one I check them off. This helps me not feel so overwhelmed about ALL the things I need to do. When the month comes to an end I like to look back and see what I was able to do and what still needs to be worked on. 

     If there are family goals I always get input from my husband and kids. Sometimes this ends up being a disaster LOL, but it is also helpful especially when it comes to making sure my kids take part in certain chores that must be done i.e. organizing their closets or rooms. 

     Yes, there are some weeks that end, and I feel like we have not accomplished anything, and I just get refocused for the next week. 

     Approaching goals this way makes me feel like I’m getting things done. I have nothing against Resolutions I have just found that I stay better on task when my goals are not set for the entire year. If you struggle with New Year’s Resolutions give my way a try and see if it helps you out. Happy goal setting.

**Originally published in December 2016. This is the first blog post I ever wrote.

14 thoughts on “Goodbye Resolutions, Hello Goals

  1. Some really good ideas about breaking goals up. I’m big into being prepared to make my week easier. But it’s nice to hear that other people end up with last minute things where you have to change your whole schedule

    1. I haven’t set any resolutions for a few years either. We have to meet so many other expectations in life. I don’t need to fail in another area. A goal is great!

  2. I always do a lot to keep my intentions, but I want everything to change this year!

  3. I never thought of setting smaller and larger goals for the week although this does seem like it would work much better than creating a huge list of resolutions for the year which never gets done let alone started

  4. It is the time of the year again to start with new set of goals. Your post has reminded me to start setting my goals for 2020.

  5. Friend! I love the idea of goals versus resolutions, as well as your reasoning for this approach! Let’s nail 2020 together!

  6. I love, love, love the concept of switching resolutions out with goals. Goals are so much more measurable and productive! I learned that lesson last year and it’s been a great asset for me and my mental health!

  7. I would love to know if you still believe what you wrote in your original post or if you’ve tweaked your approach at all? Have you been successful in setting goals vs. resolutions? Thanks for the post!

  8. i like to detail my goals and break them into smaller chunks too so I don’t get overwhelmed.
    I can relate to the ‘disaster’ that becomes of family goals when getting input from husband and kids!

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